MiSs. RaVeN Dee has lived all over Canada. She was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Each place she has lived in has sculpted the Makeup Artist she is today.

MiSs. RaVeN Dee spent most of her growing years in Regina, Saskatchewan, where she was a star athlete which influenced her to become a “Tom Boy.” Both of her sisters and her mother were not into wearing makeup. However, MiSs. RaVeN Dee was always intrigued with makeup and wanted to know how all the products worked and how to apply them properly. She turned to information from magazines to teach her the proper way of makeup application. Once MiSs. RaVeN Dee started to play with these products; she discovered she had a real natural talent. She then started to put makeup on her sisters and all of her friends. As a result, many of her teenage hours were spent in front of the mirror.

If you had asked MiSs RaVeN Dee if she thought she’d be a makeup artist during her High School honour roll student days, she would have never dreamt of that. She always had a leaning towards the Sciences during those years. However, her life journey took her to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where she realized she had a natural talent with Makeup Artistry. Her teen year makeup intrigue led her to enrolling in an Introductory Makeup Course at Eveline Charles Academy to learn more about makeup artistry and to graduate with a Makeup Artistry Diploma in February 2010.

After MiSs RaVeN Dee graduated from the Evenline Charles Academy she entered the exciting world of makeup artistry and became involved in Makeup Applications at a variety of fashion shows for “NATIVE MODEL STUDIOS” where she had the opportunity to team up at a workshop with Linsay Willier- “Canada’s Next Top Model” Runner-up and did makeup applications for a photo shoot for 10 attending inspiring native models. Following her involvement here, she also was the makeup artist for the PINK PARTY Fashion Show I and II, the Dolce Fashion Show at the West Edmonton Mall, and for Music Videos for artists such as EMRE, JRDN, Joey Styles, Shawn Bernard, Winnipeg’s Most, and Doomsquad.

MiSs. RaVeN Dee was very inspired by all her work and became extremely passionate about what she was doing. Being the perfectionist that she is, she knew she wanted to learn more and more about the field of makeup artistry and develop her talent on a larger scale. She did her research and decided to apply to attend Blanche Macdonald Centre in Vancouver, BC and was thrilled to be accepted into their program where she will graduate in August 2012.

MiSs. RaVeN Dee will leave Blanche Macdonald to become involved in MiSs RaVeN Dee Makeup Artistry. She realizes that all her hard work and dedication will always shine through and that her full-fledged career in makeup artistry has just begun. She dreams a dream of lighting up the world and making
everyone’s inner beauty shine.